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Kabinenparty with Kreisligalegende

Every Friday LIVE in the Partystadl!

No condition, no speed, no shooting technique. Beer belly instead of six-pack and bratwurst instead of vegetables.
And that's just as well! All this and much more is the district league legend.

For all LIVE 2022 events in the Partystadl, click on "more info" below!

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Partystadl Goldstrand is the largest German audience club in Golden Sands. It is located at the centre of Golden Sands, next to Dolphin Megapark. You can never miss it, even when you walk along the central alley or on the beach. One end of it is near the party street of Golden Sands and the other is right on the beach.

During the day it is a restaurant offering rich German and European cuisine, and at night it is a disco with a capacity of 1,500 people. Here you can find everything pertaining to the German party scene - from the beers and one-litre cocktails to the German staff and DJs. All German pop stars also come here twice a week – Markus Becker, Almklausi, Lorenz Büffel, Ikke Hüftgold, Honk, Isi Glück and many others.

Partystadl Goldstrand is a must-see for everyone who wants to experience the crazy parties of Golden Sands!